Only in a Ford: Ford Pickup Truck Pull Through Against All Odds

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When you hear the slogan “Built Ford Tough”, you may think that it is a simple marketing technique or a catchy slogan. But, in reality, Ford trucks hold up under against incredible odds. Although all truck manufacturers claim to have the best vehicle for the job, the work that Ford trucks put in day-by-day, proves that the strength of Ford vehicles is much more than just talk.  There is a reason the Ford F-150 is named ’Best All-American Truck of the Year,’ year after year.

Towing Capacity of Ford Trucks

Typically when semi-trucks or break down or become stuck, other semi-trucks are required to tow them out of trouble. But if a Ford is sitting nearby, it can provide an accessible replacement. Ford pickup trucks have proven time and again that they are perfectly capable of pulling loads far in excess of their maximum towing capacity. Not to say that Ford endorses these actions, but the fact that Ford trucks are able to persevere under the weight of hundreds of thousands of pounds is a testament to their reliability and performance. Let’s look at a few examples from popular television shows.

Ice Road Truckers

In season six of Ice Road Truckers, Ford trucks came through on at least two occasions to pull stuck semis. When Darrell Ward’s tractor began shutting down while pulling a hill with a load of drill pipe, he had little choice but to rely on the only vehicle for miles around to tow his dying big rig. Thankfully, that vehicle was a Ford F-250 driven by a capable pilot car driver. Within a matter of minutes, his truck was over the hill and on its way again.

A separate occasion of a stuck semi required the help of yet another Ford. This time the driver in trouble was Rick Yemm. After taking a corner too fast and embedding his semi’s grill in a snowbank, Rick had no choice but to rely on the power of a Ford F-150 Raptor to free him from his predicament. And free him, it did, allowing him to continue his trip once again. However, IRT is not the only show to feature Ford trucks pulling overweight loads.

Gold Rush Alaska

When the crew of Dave Turin’s Indian River mining claim attempted to haul in their new washplant to its site, the semi truck responsible for hauling one of the main parts became stuck on a hill. Although the truck likely had over 450 horsepower and nearly 1600 lb-ft of torque, it could not get the traction it needed to climb the hill. Once again, a Ford truck, namely an F-250, came through. Dave Turin attached a cable to the front of the truck and, despite the mud and slick conditions, managed to drag the semi over the hill.

Top Gear USA

To show the strength of the top three super duty pickups in North America, Top Gear USA’s three hosts each decided to pull something heavy with their trucks. Adam Ferrara chose to tear out much of the structure of an old house, and Rutledge Wood decided to rip down an aging powerpole. Tanner Foust, on the other hand, moved a locomotive and train car which together weighed over a quarter million pounds.

So whether you need to haul a load of lumber to the jobsite or a stranded train to the terminal, get a Ford from McCafferty Ford Kia of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, and join the ranks of those who can say: “Only in a Ford.”

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